Hand Painted

The newest member of the team is Chris. Born in Baguio city, Philippines, Chris spent years training in architecture, design & construction. Fine tuning his skills in the middle east before coming to live in the UK. Chris has "decorated" everything from salons, bars, hotels & even palaces.
Using his architectural background and artistic skills he can produce detailed mock ups of any design you may have... or let him use his years of experience, unrivalled skills and artistic ability to
create something beautiful just for you. Whatever you choose, weather it be paint effect, portrait, reproduction of original art or a full wall mural... he can do it.
In the gallery above you will find a small selection of his work over the years. his talents definitely lie in his work and not his photography skills... unfortunately due to the fact he was under employment by another company at the time the work was done, means it can not be shown here but please enjoy the slide show, it will be updated periodically as new work is completed. As we are a new business located in a small town in North Northumberland this may take a little while.
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